[OSM-talk] cycle.travel bike routing for Western Europe

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Jul 17 13:13:25 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I'm really pleased to announce that http://cycle.travel/ now has 
OSM-based cycle routing for Western Europe: France, the Netherlands, 
Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, 
Spain, Portugal, the UK and Ireland.

You can try it here:

and if you log in, you can save/share your planned routes (and change 
your user preferences from miles to km ).

It's built with (patched) OSRM and a complex custom profile. It takes 
account of elevation, cycle routes, surface quality and more. All routes 
are fully draggable and you can export to GPX, TCX, and PDF. The 
cartography is specially designed for the site.

== Routing details ==

If it doesn't follow a route you'd expect it to take, this is usually 
because surface tags are missing.

For example, at http://cycle.travel/map?lat=50.0181&lon=2.0333&zoom=15, 
the canalside path is tagged as 'highway=path' with no surface tags. 
cycle.travel assumes that paths in rural areas have poor quality 
surfaces, so will try not to route along them. Adding a 'surface=gravel' 
to this path, which the aerial imagery suggests, will make the router 
like it. (Access tags are also good.)

== Miscellaneous notes ==

- The tileserver is a little slow - please be gentle!
- There are occasional inconsistencies in the tiles - old styles that 
haven't refreshed yet.
- You can't route between the UK and mainland Europe (there's a big lake 
in the way. Only Chris Froome is allowed to cycle through the tunnel and 
look how far it got him)
- I'm planning on weekly updates but it'll be less often at first.
- Known issue with highway=trunk, bicycle=yes getting undue prominence.
- Known issue with fahrradstrassen/fietsstraten not being prioritised.

Still lots to improve but I hope you like it - and, as ever, thanks to 
all the mappers who have contributed all the lovely data. You can post 
comments/bugs/suggestions at http://cycle.travel/forum/2 .


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