[OSM-talk] Upcoming openstreetmap-carto changes

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Fri Jul 25 14:33:18 UTC 2014

On 25/07/2014 15:26, Tom Hughes wrote:
> Traditionally we have always said that out web site is aimed at 
> supporting mappers 

That certainly used to be the case, but the most recent series of 
changes have all being about "showing less" rather than "showing more".  
How does that "support mappers"?

> For the record I personally was perfectly happy to see things like 
> long obliterated railways removed from the standard rendering.

We never (well not for 5 years or so?) rendered dismantled railways - 
it's the removal of those that _weren't_ obliterated but are still a 
significant feature in the landscape that's the issue!



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