[OSM-talk] "Incorrect speed limit" anonymous notes - who is behind that?

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Tue Jul 29 11:10:36 UTC 2014

Hi Peter,

The following ITO Map shows missing maxspeed tags where there isn’t any purple (mph maxspeed) or dark green (km/h maxspeed) colour:

If you want to see the current speed limits see:

Clicking the maps gives more info in the sidebar.


Disclaimer: Employee of ITO World who produce the maps above.

On 29 Jul 2014, at 11:49, Peter Wendorff <wendorff at uni-paderborn.de> wrote:

> Sorry,
> there are QA tools to detect where speed limits are missing?
> Can you give me a link?
> And - if it's not self explaining: how should that work? I don't see any
> way to detect missing speed limits in the data beyond cases where those
> are implicit defaults, like 100 on non-trunk roads away from built up
> areas in Germany (which is complicated enough to derive from the data),
> or 130 for trunk roads (although most often there are lower limits), or
> 50 in cities (as the most often down-signed default).
> So if there is any QA tool that detects that, I fear it uses third party
> sources, a reporting system similar to the notes feature, but using a
> different channel, or it is restricted to some cornercases only. I doubt
> there is something like that which could make notes about speed limit
> errors in osm obsolete.
> IMHO notes are to be checked in person on the ground usually. If there's
> nobody in France to do that, yes, then notes will remain in the database
> for a long time, but basically they stay correct: Here is something
> missing or wrong, please check that on the ground.
> regards
> Peter
> Am 29.07.2014 um 11:09 schrieb JB:
>> I don't necessarily want to analyse once more how the notes are opened,
>> closed or not closed and to what aim, nor analyse the end of
>> OpenStreetBug life and the quality of the remaining bugs, but in France,
>> I have never ever seen anyone comment on someone else's note (or «
>> resurvey »). The only comments I have seen were from the note opener,
>> when prompted by a potential corrector.
>> So a note which indicates « probably 90km/h here » or « speed limit is
>> not 0km/h » may remain there for years (yes, years), demotivate
>> potential note closers, never be closed. I do not think they participate
>> to a high quality note db. There are quality assessments tools around
>> that allow contributors to detect where speed limits are missing.
>> JB, with perhaps some bad faith in there, but not that much.
>> Le 29/07/2014 10:19, Steve Doerr a écrit :
>>> On 29/07/2014 08:32, JB wrote:
>>>> Anyway, as for most notes concerning speed limits, if you do no have
>>>> the beginning and the end of the limit, at least in France, the
>>>> information is quite useless.
>>> Are we all armchair mappers now? Surely the note should prompt someone
>>> local to go out to the location and find out where the speed limit
>>> starts and ends?
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