[OSM-talk] Crimea/Russia/Ukraine Borders

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 15:36:50 UTC 2014

2014-03-18 16:28 GMT+01:00 Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us>:

> I'm curious how OSM handles this dispute. I expect Russia's parliament
> ratify the annexation and I expect that Ukraine will continue to disagree.
> Do we have a documented process in place to determine when the border is
> changed? I couldn't find anything on the wiki after a quick search. If it
> is documented, can someone please point it out to me? We have a disputes
> page which is fine for handling disputes. I'm looking for the process for
> determining when we all agree that a border should be changed.

an indication might be what the united nations decide. Another idea is to
ask the local mappers (will not necessarily lead to univocal statements ;-)

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