[OSM-talk] Foursquare and OSM Note Instructions

JB jbosm at mailoo.org
Fri Mar 28 08:32:12 UTC 2014

Err, some thoughts after some heavy note-closing in France.

Le 28/03/2014 09:14, Peter Wendorff a écrit :
> Adding a note even as a personal note for adding it later is a valid
> action, if e.g. don't have the time to do more now or don't have an
> editor at hand - provided I'm going to resolve that myself later.
Dos and don'ts section does not validate this in the wiki : « Don't use 
it to put your personal notes here. ». Rather use personal stuff like 
gpx files or whatever. Many personal notes just get forgotten (where is 
this filtering tool showing /my/ notes? Ha, doesn't exist, I forgot...)

> Adding a note that something is missing in some place is valid, if I
> know that there's something missing, but don't exactly know where it is
> (only very rough location, only know that there's one shop missing, but
> don't know any details yet,...). Here the note is a temporal thing to be
> replaced after an on-the-ground visit.
Sure, but I've never seen an answer to a note asking for re-surveying, 
excepted for the creator when asked for details. In my opinion, just 
congesting the database.

Don't want to go too fast, as I presenting some work done on notes in 
France at SotM-FR next week-end, but forecast some additional info on my 
diary page afterwards.
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