[OSM-talk] Community Guidelines needs your review

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sat May 3 17:11:01 UTC 2014

Hi all,

We've been running under the written-for-data ODbL license for well over 
a year now thanks to the good folks at Open Knowledge Foundation and 
their Open Data Commons project.

The ODbL is written for data in general and still needs some 
interpretation when applied specifically to our geospatial data project. 
So, 5 years ago, we set up a project called Community Guidelines to 
share with end users of OpenStreetMap data how we as a contributing 
community understand things, what our intentions are and what we are 
happy/not happy with.

It is very important that you personally can participate if you want to.

There is more detail in this earlier legal-talk mail 
https://www.mail-archive.com/talk@openstreetmap.org/msg49397.html, but 
the main points are:

1) The front page is at 

2) The process for developing a Community Guideline from a set of ideas 
to a formal policy is described at 

3) If you did not know about them, we appreciate hearing any comments 
that you want to make.

4) We'd like to formalise these guidelines, do you object?

What does Substantial mean?

When is my project a Produced Work?

Trivial Transformations

5) These have been accepted community practise almost since the 
beginning of the project but have never been written down and we have 
had questions about them. Now they have.  Does the write-up seem 
reasonable to you?

Regional Cuts

Horizontal layers

General comments welcome on this list. Detailed comments to legal-talk, on the wiki (there is a Discussion section below each guideline) or to legal at osmfoundation.org.


Michael Collinson
Chair, OpenStreetMap Foundation License Working Group

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