[OSM-talk] Are newbie bitcoin edits more of a problem than other newbie edits? (Was: Menufy.com added hundrets of stores with payment:bitcoin=yes, which don't accept Bitcoin)

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu May 8 20:10:24 UTC 2014

moltonel 3x Combo wrote:
> ... Why does bitcoin, out of any other likely interests, attract a 
> combination of enthusiastic but clueless osm contributors in such high 
> numbers ? What's special about Bitcoin ? We have plenty of niche 
> enthusiasts in OSM, but they usually map quite well (at least not 
> worse than the average contributor/newbie). Is it something inherent 
> in the bitcoin-using population ? A random fluke ? An observation bias 
> on my part ? 

I don't think that it's observation bias.  I suspect it's to do with the 
fact that most contributors in other areas (such railways, roman 
remains, retail opening hours to pick 3 areas of interest to newbies 
near me recently) are all very much grounded in a physical location.  
Bitcoin is inherantly virtual, and most of the bitcoin contributors have 
been driven to OSM by suggestions to "get your business known about" 
rather than "ensure that this physical thing at this physical location 
gets mapped" - people are effectively using the OSM data behind coinmap 
as a business directory (which OSM certainly isn't primarily).

I also don't think that most bitcoin edits are malicious - people just 
don't know what OSM is, and the negative reaction from the community 
often comes as a surprise.



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