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>>>> The relicensing clause is there for a reason: The community in 10 years
>>>> will mostly consist of completely different persons than today. And
>>>> *they* should be able to determine what OSM's license will be in 10
>>>> years. Limiting their choices in order to slightly speed up the
>>>> completion of house number mapping today would be not be wise.

Hi Tobias,

I don't see this as a problem because if I well understand ODBL requires an attribution so if a relicencing would be proposed in the future it will be possible to list the imported ODBL data and consider to remove them if the new licence is not compatible.
By this way the amount of data loss will be an argument pro or against a new licence in the same way some data were loss during the migration from CC-by_S to ODBL due to impossible relicencing

To be completely sure to understand you point of view, I will try to rephrase it, please correct me if I`m wrong:
You consider that we should completely stop to use any open data sources available in the world because in the future the community will perhaps decide a relicencing that could be incompatible with licences of today legal sources ?
It seems to me quite extrem because I consider it implies to keep only our local knowledge and terrain observation

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