[OSM-talk] Osmose's News since March - new : Scotland and Wales

Frédéric Rodrigo fred.rodrigo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 21:39:07 UTC 2014

We still move forward.
Now, we added two parts of United Kingdom into Osmose : Scotland and Wales.


England not covered, we can't support a so big data-area on French 
servers. So, we are open to add new server into the Osmose poll.


Le 21/09/2014 19:12, Frédéric Rodrigo a écrit :
> Last news
> With a new server in Brazil. Now, south America is fully covered plus
> Portugal.
> http://osmose.openstreetmap.fr/
> Frédéric.
> Le 12/09/2014 10:24, Frédéric Rodrigo a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> The biggest step in this period is the coverage of new countries:
>> - Full Africa support
>> - Europe: a number of new small countries: Azores, Albania, Bosnia and
>> Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Isle of Man,
>> Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro,
>> Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.
>> - Europe: a new analyser server in the Netherlands, country divided in
>> regions.
>> - Southeast Asia is a new server in Germany covering Thailand, Brunei,
>> Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.
>> - Add countries in Asia: Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.
>> - Add Central American countries: Belize, Cuba.
>> Countries that are not supported by new servers were supported on
>> OpenStreetMap-France or Iceland ones.
>> Now there is a Coverage Map on Osmose:
>> http://osmose.openstreetmap.fr/map/#zoom=2&lat=0&lon=0&layer=Mapnik&overlays=FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTFT
>> Meanwhile, new translations came Portuguese, Polish, Japanese and
>> Hungarian.
>> On the back side engine, fewer bugs and more unit testing and improving
>> mechanisms for testing. Also, added support for a variable number of
>> objects involved in an error.
>> For data integration proposal analysers, redesign the code format to go
>> to something more descriptive and structured, so less code, more
>> configuration and convention. Improved data integration proposal
>> analysers to add a "dynamic" support. It means manage a large number of
>> different tags for the same OpenData set (typical French sports fields
>> that have 180 different combinations of tags for the same dataset).
>> On the side of analysers them self, not so many news. This period was a
>> time of maturation, improve the quality and "conquer the world".
>> - 2060/6 Improved Analysis "number twice in the street"
>> - 2060/10 addr: housenumber does not start with a number
>> - 2060/11 Multiple names for the same reference FANTOIR (France only)
>> - 2060/12 Tag "addr:city" not consistent with the city
>> - 2060/13 the object does not match the type FANTOIR (France only)
>> - 7090/3 Isolated barrier
>> - 8160/1 Unintegrated Paris Autolib ' (Paris only)
>> - 8170 Dynamic analyser for sports pitch integration (France only)
>> - 8190 Unintegrated French military Police (France only)
>> - 8040/71 Bus stop in Wallonia (Wallonia, Belgium only)
>> - 1150 Big optimization on "intersection between surfaces", save
>> computation time on large countries.
>> - suppression of import of OpenStreetBugs
>> On the web interface, adding export to RSS, GPX and remote "everything
>> to JOSM."
>> Finally, a bridge between Osmose and Maproulette was established. It
>> allows send certain types of errors on the addictive interface of
>> Maproulette. For now, a small number of test categories are sent. These
>> are the categories that begin with "[world]" and "[France]."
>> http://maproulette.org/
>> For the near future we have plan to support all America except the two
>> biggest countries. On large countries (in data) we still need your help
>> to find new servers for Osmose backend analyser.
>> http://osmose.openstreetmap.fr
>> Frédéric.

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