[OSM-talk] Detrimental validation software

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Oct 13 17:44:51 UTC 2014

Well we don't, which is clearly a weakness of the system as is. It is
clearly is asking too much of the individual mapper to actually know
whom to talk to. I'm fairly sure that simply adding the necessary
information in some form to the employed users page is the best
solution, anything else requires the mapper to know where to look, which
again is really asking too much.

Engaging with the company in question is naturally not guaranteed to end
with a satisfactory resolution and there is a whole range of possible
places such a dispute could be escalated to (LC, LWG, OSMF board).
However I am counting on the enlightened self interest of the
organisations employing mappers that in general escalation will not be


Am 13.10.2014 16:42, schrieb Serge Wroclawski:
> Simon,
> So if i understand you right, the answer for a mapper is to find a
> company representative  and work with them? Do we have a list of such
> representatives and their contact, along with the accounts that work
> on their behalf?
> - Serge

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