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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Oct 21 22:05:18 UTC 2014


I suspect you are slightly over interpreting what has been said up to
now. Our accountant and the treasurer have control of the back accounts
and I wouldn't expect to have direct access (nor likely other board
members). The board has relied on the treasurer for cash management and
I have no reason to believe that there are any issues with that other
than it is not very transparent. Other points wrt financial planning and
SOTM  have already been raised.

Historically there seems to have been very little financial reporting,
the board did however three years back or so, as a principle, ask for
quarterly reports, which IMHO is enough given the size of the
organisation and number of transactions. This has been a long time in
the making, but our accountant does produce them now, there is simply
some fail in bringing them to the boards attention (and a further step
would actually be publishing them). Or to put it differently: the OSMF
likely has never had as good control of its financials as right now,
there is simply still more to do.

There is an interesting point in that there is no external/internal
audit of any kind. Not unusual for small companies, but is a bit unusual
for a membership organisation. Very small SOSM for example has two
(elected)  members review the accounts in lieu of a proper audit and
report their findings at the AGM. I could imagine doing something
similar in the OSMF (no idea if this causes any legal issues, but that
can be investigated) given that we currently probably don't want to
spend the money for a formal audit.

Note that Oliver has announced (a couple of weeks back) that he will
resign as treasurer and I expect that the board will elect a replacement
or put an other solution in place at the first meeting after the elections.


Am 21.10.2014 22:37, schrieb Jason Remillard:
> Hi,
> This is an unhappy read. I am stunned that the board members don't
> have access to the bank registers. How can any decisions be made about
> the servers, STOM, fundraising effectiveness, etc without having a
> handle on the cash? The foundation handles so little money, it should
> be very simple keeping the bank registers up to date. Could our
> treasure, Oliver Kühn , please justify this policy on the talk list. I
> am going to be very reluctant to give more money to the foundation
> until this policy is changed.
> Jason
>>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Frederik_Ramm/2014_OSMF_Board_Elections_Manifesto
>>> This sheds some rather bad light on how the board operates, indicating
>>> that
>>> some of the practises border on the illigal. I understand that this is the
>>> individual opinion of a single board member but I believe it is important
>>> that such accusations are discussed because I don't see how the board can
>>> operate efficiently otherwise. It is even more important in the light of
>>> the upcoming elections. Reading this manifesto indicates that there is
>>> little point in standing for election as there is nothing but frustration
>>> to achieve in the board.
>> As a former board member, I would concur with Frederik's posting which
>> tallies with my unhappy experience on the board.
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