[OSM-talk] Addresses are a tiny fraction of what we do (was: The world’s best addressable map)

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Fri Oct 24 12:48:55 UTC 2014

On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 5:05 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com
> wrote:

> We'd still need to survey in order to do the maintenance work and correct
> errors. That's the main reason why imports are often seen as problematic:
> they will not create a comunity, rather there are indications that the
> growth of the comunity will slow down when everything looks "completed",
> and then you'll have the same errors in our db than all the other people
> that have imported from the official source, and no-one near to fix them or
> feeling "responsible" for it. If the amount of errors is significant, more
> data will actively draw people away (fixing bugs is less appealing to many
> mappers than setting the first foot steps on white map canvas).

I disagree that import do not create community. We build a strong community
around an import, and address import. That community continues to grow. We
even discovered that having an address node makes it easier to new mappers
to add POI information to the node and to nudge it to the entrance. It is
correct that imports can create more "maintenance" work. But then it gives
us motivation to add encourage more mappers.

If users of our data want addresses, demanding it isn't going to make it
happen. If they want specific features, we give them ways to help us
achieve those goal. Such as help fund OSM, help us grow the community, fund
the development of betters tools, help us get our story out. etc. We
shouldn't be afraid, we should embrace these requests.

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