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Mon Oct 27 22:27:24 UTC 2014

Hi Rob,
I will let the legal committee answer about the license. 
Yes, this is great what we have accomplished as an OpenStreetMap community with this Ebola outbreak.
Andrew Buck and myself, and HOT as the umbrella organization are there to make the bridge between this community and the humanitarian organizations, to strenghten the relations with the humanitarian organizations. We simply cannot do such job without the Osm community. The response we have received for both the Haiyan typhoon in november 2013 and for this Ebola outbreak is simply fantastic.

There is a lot of media and academic attention about the progression of OpenStreetMap. Since the Haiti Earthquake in january 2010, there humanitarian organizations and UN agencies are also follwing closely the OSM community. With this unprecented response over the last 7 months with this Ebola outbreak, OSM is under the spots. See this last interview from BBC World News. 

For this Ebola outbreak, HOT coordinates with MSF, Red Cross, UN-WHO, UN-OCHA and the Digital Humanitarian Network. To date, almost 2,000 OSM contributors from 100 countries and more then 10 millions objects edited.  

More then these statistics, this is the capacity of OSM to provide a reliable environment and tools, assure connectivity with GIS softwares,  propose various free Mapping services, including for small devices, and adapt quickly to the needs of the humanitarian organizations that is recognized.
Professionalism of the OSM community among the various volunteer communities is the main message.  Let's hope that we can keep the spirit of this community and move forward as an organization with respectful and constructive discussions. 


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Hi list,Google (through their acquisition of skybox) have released some aerial imagery under the Cc-by licence:http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/26/skybox-for-good/Can someone just remind me - are we able to use this in OpenStreetMap? If yes, please forward to the HOT mailing list as it is of value to them.Finally we should be very proud of what we as a community have achieved. The work that we, HOT and those who have already made aerial imagery available (bing, digital globe, etc) have achieved to date is so significant that other big players are following in our footsteps. This is a great day :-) Best,
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