[OSM-talk] Postponing elections, or other alternatives (Was: Modus operandi of the board)

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Tue Oct 28 09:16:18 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 28 October 2014, Kathleen Danielson wrote:
> I'm curious about whether the membership is interested in us pursuing
> some kind of "reboot". We've only heard a few voices on the topic,
> which has made me reluctant to work on organizing anything that might
> go against the membership's wishes.

This is more or less why i added these questions to 


to encourange everyone - members and candidates - to make up their mind.

To be frank - if you expect the OSMF members to have an opinion on the 
matter you should as an OSMF member yourself also have an opinion.  
People who have a clear stance on this will probably want to vote for 
someone who shares their opinion, not for someone who - i am sorry if 
this seems harsh - opportunistically will do whatever the majority 

I fully understand if you or other candidates think you cannot (yet) 
form a qualified opinion on this but then i think you can't expect this 
from the membership either.

Personally i would want to vote for someone who clearly states her/his 
support for a restart since i find the accounts of Richard, Frederik 
and others pretty convincing and supported by the observable facts 
about the OSMF work. I am well aware this would also involve the risk 
of the results being even worse than now (as for example indicated by 
Randy Meech).  But i am not an OSMF member so these thoughts are quite 

Thanks by the way to you and the other candidates for answering the 
questions on the wiki.

Christoph Hormann

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