[OSM-talk] video mapping

Peter Gervai grinapo+osmtalk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 15:59:00 UTC 2015


For quite a while I was hoping that it's just me; I thought maybe
everyone else is able to use some tool for video mapping but as time
have passed I kind of realised that nobody I know knows about a
working solution. I use Linux (what else).

Video mapping: I have a camera, records a movie. I have a GPX,
contains the track. I would like to use the data combined in JOSM
(preferably, or any working standalone application if it fails, which
is inconvenient but still useful more or less) to be able to see
images for a given position, possibly being able to frame-forward and
reverse (to read signs etc). It seems simple enough. I don't even care
about soundtrack.

There is a VideoMapping plugin for JOSM. No, that's not correct. There
was a plan to create a working VideoMapping plugin for JOSM in 2010.
Since then the development ceased completely and the code, as it is,
uses specific and pretty eccentric java libraries which doesn't work
at all under Linux (or possibly anywhere else but windoze). I have
tried several times but based on the (non-)feedback from JOSM
developers the code doesn't work, not expected to work and nobody able
or care to rewrite the video display codepaths.

So, I ask around, here, now: does anyone know a _working_ solution
(working under Linux) for the desire above? Isn't there anyone with
the wish and will to code a JOSM video plugin instead of that very
beta piece of code (or fix it, but my guess is that it is not quite
"fixable")? Shouldn't be that hard - unless there is really no way to
display images under java (I'm not familiar with java, you see).

Or is there any external code possibly doing what's needed?

Or really nobody does videomapping anywhere?

True, I could cut the video apart to images at given intervals and
geotag them but then I'd lose 97% (29/30) of the recorded data. (Even
the sound track but I could live without it, and there seem to be an
audio sync plugin for JOSM - I have never tried.)

Any help or input would be appreciated.


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