[OSM-talk] Quite outdated and incomplete map key on www.openstreetmap.org

Wuzzy wuzzy2 at mail.ru
Sat Apr 11 17:55:01 UTC 2015

I want to have the map key on www.openstreetmap.org updated.

The key for the Standard layer is horribly outdated and incomplete.

The Standard layer has visibly evolved over the years and now includes
many things which are not explained by the key.

One concern you may rise could be that if you would explain
*everything*, the map key would become too large. For this concern, I
suggest to provide an abridged map key on the sidebar, but a
(hopefully) complete key on the wiki, plus you add a link to the wiki
page on the map key sidebar on www.openstreetmap.org.

Features I am missing the most (in the key!) are:

- A LOT of symbols (only 2 are explained right now). You don't need to
  explain EVERY icon, but I would like to see explained:
	- post box
	- post office
	- train station
	- gas station
	- parking lot
- Explanation of text colors (I guess it goes like this: brown for
  amenities, purple for shops, green for leisure stuff, etc.)
- Parking
- Rivers
- The 5 track levels (tracktype=*)
- Under-construction roads (the three colors in the key are not
- Zones (military, danger zones, natural reserve)
- “icon pattern” on landuse areas (the key only shows the color) (i.e.
  grave/religion icon on cemetary, forest, quarry, etc.)

Other stuff I miss in the key, but I don't think it is most pressing:
- racetrack
- power lines

My suggestions:
- Add more stuff to the sidebar map key on the homepage
- Use the OSM wiki to fully document the symbols, lines and area colors
  of the map
- Add a link to this wiki page on the sidebar

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