[OSM-talk] Update outdated/incomplete map key on www.openstreetmap.org

Wuzzy wuzzy2 at mail.ru
Sat Apr 11 20:34:41 UTC 2015

The map key on www.openstreetmap.org for the Standard layer is horribly
outdated and incomplete.

One concern you may rise could be that if you would explain
*everything*, the map key would become too large. For this concern, I
suggest to provide an abridged map key on the sidebar, but a
(hopefully) complete key on the wiki, plus you add a link to the wiki
page on the map key sidebar on www.openstreetmap.org.

Features I am missing the most (in the key!) are:

- A LOT of symbols (only 2 are explained right now). You don't need to
explain EVERY icon, but I would like to see:
	- post box
	- post office
	- train station
	- gas station
	- parking lot
- Explanation text colors (I guess it goes like this: brown for
amenities, purple for shops, green for leisure stuff, etc.)
- Parking
- Rivers
- The 5 track levels (tracktype=*)
- What those
- Zones (military, danger zones, natural reserve)
- “icon patternx” on landuse areas (the key only shows the color) (i.e.
grave/religion icon on cemetary, forest, quarry, etc.)

Other stuff I miss in the key, but I don't think it is most pressing:
- racetrack
- power lines

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