[OSM-talk] Proposed Semi Mechanical Edit : "recycling:excrement"

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Fri Apr 17 19:02:23 UTC 2015

On that node I got tripped up because "vending"="excrement_bags" seems to
be used with and without "amenity"="vending_machine"
I followed tagging of nearby nodes in josm, but missed reading the wiki
convention. Sorry.

The overpass query to find other similar tags is:
["vending"="excrement_bags"]["amenity"!~"."] ({{bbox}});

"vending_machine" though still seems a strange tag, as the dog waste
dispensers are very often free, and vending is described as involving money

This is another tag that, in part because there is no guidance from
*osm-carto* rendering, is poorly standardized:

  83  amenity  dog_waste_bin   26  waste_basket  dog_waste   25  amenity
dog_waste_station   23  amenity  dog_waste   11  amenity  dog_waste_basket
11  waste  dog_waste   8  amenity_1  dog_waste_bin   4  name  Dog waste
station   3  type  dog_waste   2  amenity  dog_waste_bag_dispencer   2
description  Dog waste bin   2  name  Dog waste bin   1  ref  Dog Waste Bin
1  amenity  Dog waste bag dispenser   1  amenity  dog waste bin   1
amenity  dog_waste_bags   1  type  dog waste   1  name  Dog Waste Bags
  7 866  vending  excrement_bags   154  waste  dog_excrement   81  waste
excrement   21  type  excrement_bags   6  name  excrement bags   6  name
excrement_bags   6  waste  trash;dog_excrement   2  amenity  dog_excrement
2  type  dog_excrement_bags   2  waste  excrement;grey_water   1  type
dog_excrement   1  description  Dog excrement hot spot   1  note
Integriert: "amenity=waste_basket + waste=dog_excrement"   1  note
Integriert: . basiert auf ungenauer gps-Messung   1  waste_basket
excrement_bags   1  waste  dog_excrement;litter   1  product  excrement_bag
  9  source  captainslash.com/nan-two-go-sliding-in-the-wet-red-shit/   2
type  dog_shit   1  amenity  dog_shit_box
  8 293  waste_basket   1 037  waste_basket:excrement_bags   6
waste_basket:type:nl   1  basket:excrement_bags  9
 dog poop
 recycling:excrement  99
  1 037  waste_basket:excrement_bags   34  excrement_bags   9  bags   1
Bagshaw   1  basket:excrement_bags
Rather than hoping mappers come by to fix them one at a time, this seems
like a good candidate for a mechanical edit.
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