[OSM-talk] Wiki project: Article about the standard layer, with key

nebulon42 nebulon42 at yandex.com
Mon Apr 20 18:10:32 UTC 2015

Great! I can offer some support regarding the symbols that have been 
redrawn by me.

Why bother with PNG when we can have SVG versions? I will upload all of 
my icons that are currently used by osm-carto in coloured SVG versions 
to the wiki and collect them at this page: 

(By the way it is easy to create a coloured Osmic icon collection like 
that by looking at 

I will also replace any existing new symbols in your key page with these 
SVG versions. As I'm not able to replace all other usages of the new 
symbols (maybe not needed yet?) I could use some help with that.

Best, nebulon42

Am 2015-04-20 um 14:27 schrieb Wuzzy:
> I have created a wiki page about the Standard layer found on
> www.openstreetmap.org
> Here it is:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Standard_tile_layer
> This wiki page is still a big work in progress.
> Here are two goals of this wiki page:
> 1) Concentrate on user's view, not mapper's view
> 2) Give a brief description of the Standard layer and other information
> of intererest.
> 3) Document all the map colors, symbols and lines. Also known as “key”.
> I know that the homepage has already a key, but it is very incomplete
> and outdated, most symbols (“points of interest”) are not explained at
> all.
> Does anyone want to help with this effort?
> There are the following challenges:
> - I want to have the pure, unaltered icons in their original size. Many
>    icons I found in the wiki are pretty outdated.
> - If possible, the icons should be stored as uniform as possible in the
>    wiki. It looks ugly if all the icons are displayed in different sizes
> - Documenting all the non-obvious stuff about the layer, such as that
>    private access things are drawn semi-transparent, etc.
> - Keeping this whole thing up to date
> You can help by:
> - Extending the key
> - Give advice if you know more about the inner workings of the Standard
>    layer
> - Uploading missing icons into the wiki
> - Updating outdated icons in the wiki
> - Adding more general information about this layer

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