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Hi All,

OpenStreetMap =*O* *S*tandard *M*ap

MapForTheRenderer=yes | I think the standard map should define how osm data
is displayed (not what is displayed)*1
DisplayEverything=yes | I think the standard map should display all data*2
DisplayOptions=yes | I think the standard map should offer the viewer the
options to not display data types and features - such as labels / symbols /
both / neither.*3
Preset standard maps*4

*1 The SM should allow zoom in to two adjacent buildings such that the text
for [name] for both is clearly and fully displayed. It should define what
areas mask other areas. It should not define what symbols are used though.
*2 I think the SM should be capable of displaying the entire contents of OSM
*3 The SM should offer users a means of not showing certain information -
for preferences and clarity.
*4 Preset standard map options should be available - such as cycling shows
the cycling info but still using standard map symbols. It should also allow
the user to add or remove displayed data - just like the 'normal' standard
map does.

This should not interfere with user groups designing their own maps and
symbols driven by osm data but merely allow a standard map view of the
user's selected data.

Them's my thoughts !
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