[OSM-talk] Different HOT Domains without redirect...

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Tue Apr 28 18:14:53 UTC 2015

> Not going to happen. We don't add random www. prefixes to any of our
> other sites, other than the main site. Arguably we should drop it there.

Why is that random? Try any other larger website and you will find that 
they all have redirects for all subdomains and all go to the domain with 
or without www.

So you think it's okay that http://www.hot.openstreetmap.org/ or 
http://www.wiki.openstreetmap.org/ are just dead links?

I mean I never done it myself, but isn't it like just 1-3 short lines in 
the .htaccess file?

And how many used xxx.opesntreetmap.org pages do we actually have? blog, 
forum and help are the only ones I can think of

> I believe hotosm.org is the canonical domain anyway, we just provide
> hot.openstreetmap.org as an alias for convenience.

I can't find any canonical links and they should be in the source code, 

And while it might be convenient, it's really bad for search engines. I 
mean wouldn't it be kinda nice if people when looking for "earthquake 
map nepal" or whatever might get a HOT page listed as a top result?

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