[OSM-talk] Best base to build on ...

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Aug 16 11:52:38 UTC 2015

On 16/08/15 12:16, Christopher Baines wrote:
>> > The obvious question is that given tilemill is not longer being
>> > maintained, what are the preferred alternatives?  I'm actually not happy
>> > with the way OSRM has moved and there does not seem to be a 'standard'
>> > for the support structure?
> Could you elaborate on the issues concerning routing and OSRM? Also,
> what do you mean by "support structure"?

http://lsces.co.uk/wiki/OSRM+Routing+Software+Compile+on+SUSE13.1 was my
notes on getting osrm compiled locally. The problem is that 13.2 is
using lua52  for a number of desktop functions and so simply deleting it
is no longer practical. It's not particularly an 'OSM' problem that
there are simply too many 'extras' and everybody seems to like to make
their own versions of that, but trying to maintain a working development
platform is not easy these days :(

I changed tack a little this morning and now have tilestache working and
actually it looks like it's a better fit with my setup. At least it's
written in python which is higher up my 'cv' than some of the other
tolls/languages ... I think I can massage modestmaps into a solution for
the embedded maps which is the primary target at the moment.

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