[OSM-talk] Best base to build on ...

Christopher Baines mail at cbaines.net
Sun Aug 16 11:16:54 UTC 2015

On 15/08/15 16:14, Lester Caine wrote:
> Not getting much help on the GB list so I thought I'd widen the
> question. A couple of years back I had my own server setup working with
> a base of OSRM and routing covering the UK. While the map server is
> still working, routing has packed up and some of the alternate base maps
> are no longer accessible.
> Given that the OSM styling is going to switch to something which in my
> book is unacceptable I needed to sort my own rendering as a base for UK
> usages. I've got tilemill running finally with a few niggles, but I've
> actually managed to switch some style elements to be more UK frindly
> using darker road colours. But as yet I've not got the routing side
> working again.
> The obvious question is that given tilemill is not longer being
> maintained, what are the preferred alternatives?  I'm actually not happy
> with the way OSRM has moved and there does not seem to be a 'standard'
> for the support structure?

Could you elaborate on the issues concerning routing and OSRM? Also,
what do you mean by "support structure"?

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