[OSM-talk] stop deleting abandoned railroads

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 18 06:03:03 UTC 2015


Absolutely agreed. I am trying to ignite a constructive debate here, not
to get a specific answer to a rhetorical question. I have been around
OSM long enough to know how it "works." 

On 2015-08-18 01:49, Warin wrote: 

> On 17/08/2015 11:54 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote: Hi,
> On 08/17/2015 03:13 PM, Colin Smale wrote: So if I think something is useful to me, and I am prepared to maintain
> it to my own satisfaction, I can feel free add it

I'd think it should be documented in the wiki .. so others can 'see'
what it is and use it if they like.

And the source tag should be used.
Do remember you won't be around forever, so there must be some thought
for the future.
And give some thought to creating tags that are able to be applied world
wide, or if not world wide at least to a fair number of features.

> ... to a file on your local computer where it will continue to please
> you for years to come ;)

With that attitude there would be very little in OSM.

I add stuff that interests me, stuff that others may find usefull and
occasional stuff that simply improves the look of the map (and may give
some help to people not familiar with the area).

Adding new tags .. things that would be usefull to others is my goal

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