[OSM-talk] stop deleting abandoned railroads

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Aug 20 05:32:33 UTC 2015

moltonel writes:
 > The existence of ohm is a strong aknowlegement that osm is only for
 > the present. Russ, you're an expert in old railroads, but think of
 > all the other old things you could be an expert of. If all the
 > niche experts

When they show up, we can have a discussion. In the meantime, I'm
here, and many other mappers map abandoned and dismantled railways,
and we would like to NOT HAVE YOU FRICK WITH OUR STUFF.

 > In the meantime, please only map the present in osm.

A dismantled railway has been dismantled in the present. You can go
and look at it and verify that yes, indeed, it has been dismantled.
And then you can go down the block and see where it hasn't been
dismantled. It's simply ridiculous to expect OSM clients to have to go
from one database to another and back within the course of a few
hundred meters.

Maybe, as you suggest, some day it won't be ridiculous.

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