[OSM-talk] The Proposed Great Colour Shift

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 20 20:50:48 UTC 2015

The humanitarian style uses a good compromize to represent the hierarchy of roads. The blue is replaced by a violet color. This maitains a larger color palette to represent the hierarchy of roads.

And, importantly, the yellow color is kept for tertiary roads. I also think that it is important to color the tertiary roads to  show a good hierarchy of roads in rural areas.  

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Þann 20.8.2015 18:36, skrifaði Frederik Ramm:
> Your use case of "easily recognizable tertiary road in sparsely 
> populated regions" is valid, but perhaps it is "niche" enough to 
> accept that it need to be served by the main map style.

I'm fairly certain that the rural regions of the world are not a "niche" 
but where we are sorely lacking in data and where our growth in Africa 
(for example) will come. Having done data quality checks on settlements 
of the world thousands of them are still just a name on the map with no 
road connections and there tertiary roads will be needed to go.

I'm not averse to red/yellow taking over personally but the expense is 
too great for me at the moment. We need to find a way to make tertiary 
still recognizable.


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