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Thought this proposed new Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 
activity might be of interest.

Tom Taylor

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On 2015-02-03 16:40 , Richard Barnes wrote:
> Sorry for the delay here.  It looks like the next step here is to send a
> charter proposal to the DISPATCH mailing list, dispatch at ietf.org

we have had conversations about establishing an IETF WG for GeoJSON,
which would be chartered with taking the current GeoJSON definition, and
turning it into an IETF RFC. the next step in this process seems to be
proposing a charter. please find the proposed charter in this email to
dispatch at ietf.org, and it also is available online here:



Proposed GeoJSON WG Charter


GeoJSON is a geospatial data interchange format based on JavaScript
Object Notation (JSON). It was published at http://geojson.org in 2008.
It has succeeded in streamlining geographic information system standards
and making them accessible to practitioners of modern web development.
GeoJSON today plays an important role in many spatial databases, web
APIs, and open data platforms.

This WG will work on a GeoJSON Format RFC that specifies the format more
precisely and serves as a better guide for implementers. The work will
start from an Internet-Draft written by the original authors. This I-D,
draft-butler-geojson-04, substantially improves the format
specification. The remaining tasks of the WG are:

* Further clarification of the GeoJSON format specification.
* Addition of implementation advice based on lessons learned since 2008.
* geoAddition of more explicit extension advice to the specification.

The addition of new features to the GeoJSON format is not within the
scope of this WG. One possible exception to this (depending on WG
consensus) is the adoption of JSON Text Sequences as an alternative way
of serializing sets of GeoJSON objects.


thanks a lot and kind regards,


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