[OSM-talk] Micromapping and other subforums

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Sun Jul 5 01:21:05 UTC 2015

I'm interested in some special mapping areas, like small scale/micro- 
mapping problems. While I see 3D and indoor mapping subforum in "OSM 
Specials" section on OSM Forum, I don't see micromapping subforum there. 
Are there any other mappers interested in it and if yes, do you think we 
should have a place to discuss such things?

And speaking of subforums: is there a possibility to create 
sub-subforums (I mean thematic subforums inside country subforums)?

"The train is always on time / The trick is to be ready to put your bags 
down" [A. Cohen]

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