[OSM-talk] Micromapping and other subforums

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Sun Jul 5 13:39:39 UTC 2015

W dniu 05.07.2015 14:46, Warin napisał(a):

> Street maps ... for cars? for buses? for large (tall with large
> turning circles) trucks? bicyclists? pedestrians?
> There are a lot of different kinds of 'street maps' too.

Micromapping is kind of natural way of thinking about routing for 
wheelchairs or orienteering sports for example.

> I have previously suggested that some things are nanomapping ...
> smaller than micromapping
> (I have been critical of adding some data to OSM, types of fire
> extinguisher for example IIRC.
> Others have, correctly, said that it should be allowed.
> I have agreed, but will not be mapping such detail ... there is much
> more to do ... of interest to me, so I will do that.
> I certainly have mapped no fire extinguishers. Others can map their 
> interests.)

I don't feel the need to use another name - for me "micromapping" covers 
all that cases and it's nice and short way of describing the low scale 
of OSM spectrum (I just wrote about the most general scaling problems 

I also don't map fire extinguishers (typically rather shops with opening 
hours), but polish fire service already uses positions of fire hydrants 
on OSM for their own needs, and I can also think of making some "campus 
plans" from OSM data (involving indoor mapping too probably), where such 
details make sense.

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