[OSM-talk] Antennas and radio networks supports mapping

Dave Stanley daves at dbsconsult.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 12:15:34 UTC 2015


I map quite few radio sites in connection with my work.  Usually it is 
just mast/tower locations using the 'man_made=tower + 
tower:type=communication' tags with name/operator information. There 
are  quite few things for these towers that could be improved.  For 
example the difference between a tower and a mast - a mast in the UK is 
normally considered to have guy wires to hold it up. where as a tower 
supports itself.  May masts are big enough to justify the guy wires 
being mapped with their ground anchor points. I am not aware of anything 
suitable to do that.

There is also their feed line systems.  I have used power=line to map 
some of these, as in this example in Burma:


It is not ideal, but the closest I could think of.  Medium-wave 
broadcasts sites typically have very long feeder systems that can be 
mapped, as in the example.

As for the antennas mounted on a mast/tower, you then may need to 
consider the frequencies and operators that use the antennas.  In some 
cases there will be multiple frequencies and operators. Physically, you 
would need the antenna height above ground level, direction, possibly 
which leg it is on and so on.

Lots to think about.



On 15/07/2015 12:25, François Lacombe wrote:
> Hi,
> I just wanted to share some thoughts about antennas and radio supports 
> mapping on this list.
> There are currently several tags in use to map telecommunication or 
> radio broadcast supports :
> man_made=tower + tower:type=communication
> man_made=telecommunication_tower
> and so on...
> but this won't allow us to add antennas on them at all or describe how 
> these supports are used.
> Antennas and stations (relations of supports + antennas + cabinets) 
> may be interesting too.
> Some French mappers and I are currently looking for a sustainable 
> model to map radio sites, radio stations, supports and antennas since 
> our regulator allows free datasets to be downloaded and part of them 
> can be added on the map (Etalab license compatible with OdBL).
> The point is to add references (ref:FR:ANFR) on right objects first as 
> for linking to the whole dataset which shouldn't be imported in OSM 
> (only technical data and not so geographical)
> I've proposed such things (unfortunately only in French for the 
> moment) but it's not finalized or transposable on the map
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Radio_antennas_mapping_proposal.png
> The problem is to add several antennas on the support itself 
> (sometimes on masts, sometimes at the top of buildings).
> Supports can be composed of several decks and several antennas can 
> share same lat/lng (but different elev) and currently can't be added 
> as nodes. Relations can really be a pain to maintain in such situation 
> too.
> May someone have idea and help solving the issue without adding 3rd 
> dimension to OSM model?
> Cheers
> François
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