[OSM-talk] Facebook uses OpenStreetMap

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Jul 17 02:23:21 UTC 2015

On 7/16/2015 6:42 PM, Dongpo Deng wrote:
> Does anyone have ideas why Facebook uses OSM for their checkin service 
> in some Asian countries including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China?
Probably one of the typical reasons, better data in what they care 
about, different cost structure, or a different license model. It's good 
to see.

I'm not surprised to see Facebook move in Asia first. The traditional 
international proprietary data vendors have weaker data in much of the 
region, and the national proprietary data sources are country by 
country, and may not suit them.

> In Taiwan, just some areas are patched OSM on Here Map, e.g. Taipei City.
Do you mean there are parts that are using both OSM and Here at the same 
time? I didn't see any, but am not familiar enough with the area.

What I saw looked like a regional cut - taking parts of Asia from OSM. 
This is like Flickr did in Bejing with OSM, or MapQuest does with North 
America from TomTom and the rest of the world from OSM.

I did see some quite crude cuts between what looked like two different 
map styles, but those didn't seem to align with usage of Here vs usage 
of OSM.

> Because of that, we get more and more Notes for reporting errors.
Are people reporting what is a bug with Here data on OSM?

In North America we get some reports coming from Craigslist users who 
have had a bad result from their geocoder. But they're easy to close, 
and I think it's helped with more real notes. More error reports is a 
great thing.

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