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2015-07-17 10:23 GMT+08:00 Paul Norman <penorman於mac.com>:
> On 7/16/2015 6:42 PM, Dongpo Deng wrote:
>> Does anyone have ideas why Facebook uses OSM for their checkin service in
>> some Asian countries including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China?
> Probably one of the typical reasons, better data in what they care about,
> different cost structure, or a different license model. It's good to see.
> I'm not surprised to see Facebook move in Asia first. The traditional
> international proprietary data vendors have weaker data in much of the
> region, and the national proprietary data sources are country by country,
> and may not suit them.
>> In Taiwan, just some areas are patched OSM on Here Map, e.g. Taipei City.
> Do you mean there are parts that are using both OSM and Here at the same
> time? I didn't see any, but am not familiar enough with the area.
> What I saw looked like a regional cut - taking parts of Asia from OSM. This
> is like Flickr did in Bejing with OSM, or MapQuest does with North America
> from TomTom and the rest of the world from OSM.
> I did see some quite crude cuts between what looked like two different map
> styles, but those didn't seem to align with usage of Here vs usage of OSM.
>> Because of that, we get more and more Notes for reporting errors.
> Are people reporting what is a bug with Here data on OSM?

Because Facebook links the bug report directly to OSM note, there are
some notes with misunderstanding.
Such as: https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/392042 ,
http://www.openstreetmap.org/note/397873 and

The user is so angry because he/she didn't know that the bug reports
are going to be "public".

> In North America we get some reports coming from Craigslist users who have
> had a bad result from their geocoder. But they're easy to close, and I think
> it's helped with more real notes. More error reports is a great thing.
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