[OSM-talk] New MapRoulette challenge - fix railway crossings

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Fri Jul 31 22:42:37 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Partly inspired by Google making noise about saving lives by warning
people about crossings (see for example
I decided to take that same railroad crossings data from the Federal
Railway Administration, massage it a bit and turn it into a
MapRoulette challenge!

Here it is: http://maproulette.org/#t=fix-railway-crossings

I filtered out all 'historic' records in the original FRA file, but I
did not cross check against existing OSM crossing tags. Even if you
see a rendered crossing already, please do go in and check though - I
find that sometimes the crossing node is actually not a shared node
between the road and the railway.

Have fun!

Martijn van Exel
skype: mvexel

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