[OSM-talk] Craigslist OpenStreetMap Rendering Issue

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Mon Jun 1 16:52:24 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 12:55 AM, Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com> wrote:

> just a few thoughts:
> What is the value of a 1 time mechanical edit cleanup ? From the moment
> you ran your script, new data can arrive in the OSM with the wrong values.
> Will you run your script daily ? What if a data consumer obtains the data
> between 2 runs of your script ?

In my experience, two rounds of mechanical edit are sufficient.
The first gets the bulk of the problem, and generally shifts the mapping
behavior as well.
Then maybe a few weeks later check if anyone is using the old tags and
reach out to them via private message.

The value of a 1 time edit is high, as long as there is sufficient
consensus or apathy about the change.


*The potential for data consumer impact seems highly overrated on this
mailing list.  *By the time something is mechanically edited data consumers
have generally moved on.  See also

For example take "amenity=dog_bin".  That's a minor tag, and chances are
any data consumer also processes
"amenity=dog_waste_bin".  Thus retagging dog_bin -> dog_waste_bin would
have *zero data consumer impact no matter when the script is run.*

The tag migration is not the issue really.  The problem comes in when the
old tag was semantically unclear and can't be migrated.
I ran into that with excrement tags actually: one set of excrement tags was
used for *four distinct features* and to clean that up I had to look
carefully at
the context and/or ask a local mapper to verify on the ground.  Fortunately
the context made the right tag clear in most of the cases: but it could
have been really hard.
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