[OSM-talk] OSM is a right mess

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 00:11:41 UTC 2015

On 4/06/2015 9:48 AM, pmailkeey . wrote:
> A value of residential here  seems to need a key to identify whether 
> it relates to a building or landuse. However, you suggest 
> building=residential as possibly being redundant. In fact, I'd turn 
> this on its head and make landuse=residential (with the exception of 
> moles) redundant. The only residential landuse is directly under a 
> building but by using landuse=residential, such areas cover gardens 
> and highways - which are clearly not residences.

Landuse - a facility (what it gets used for)
The governmental authority here says an area is for residential use ..
They do that before there are any houses thus it is not just the area 
under a building.

building - a physical item (what is there on the ground)
A building that is used for residences has a particular set of features 
that distinguish it for other building types e.g. a mall.

I use my garden! I go out there and read, email .. even do OSM ... in  
the garden.
The street in front of my home gets used by the kids to play soccer, 
tennis ...

The land use is 'residential' .. even in the garden. And the neighbours 
swimming pool.
The house is also residential.

I and my neighbours reside here - we use all of it.

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