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Fri Apr 29 15:42:54 UTC 2016

On Apr 29, 2016 3:59 PM, "Martin Koppenhoefer" <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
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> > Il giorno 29 apr 2016, alle ore 14:46, Richard Fairhurst <
richard at systemed.net> ha scritto:
> >
> > I've just created a quick, friendly wiki page to explain that and other
> > differences:
> >
> > http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Welcome_to_Wikipedia_users
> great page \o/
> As a minor remark: "OpenStreetMap is 100% independent. It is not a
Wikimedia Foundation project."
> We are not any more 100% independent, for example the Italian chapter (?)
of osmf is Wikimedia Italy, i.e. in Italy OSM is a wikimedia foundation
project. But of course this doesn't mean that Wikipedia editing rules are
applied to mapping.

Martin, please NO FUD, you know that Wikimedia Italia is not just wmf
Italian counterpart but we do other stuff related to open knowledge and
open access and libraries.

Our main source of income does not come from Wikimedia Foundation.
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