[OSM-talk] Cleanup of Wiki Page "Contact_channels"

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Dec 12 21:35:11 UTC 2016

We are all reluctant to delete stuff in the wiki, but every page creates
a maintenance burden that we simply, realistically, can't carry (not
even starting ranting about translations). How likely is that anybody
ever uses the page? Unluckily I believe we don't have  any page stats so
we don't really have any data on what we can throw away. That doesn't
mean that I want to reduce the tag documentation, quite the contrary,
but at least that is self limiting in that we don't have endless
variants of the same contents, all out of date and rarely viewed by anybody.


Am 12.12.2016 um 22:03 schrieb Michael Reichert:
> Hi Simon,
> Am 12.12.2016 um 21:47 schrieb Simon Poole:
>> Like so many wiki pages there is really only one good action: send it to
>> the circular folder.
>> https://www.openstreetmap.org/help already lists all OSMF operated
>> services, and at SOTM we discussed that we might add in one way of the
>> other a pointer to the preferred national comms channel. Lets simply
>> keep that up-to-date.
> This means that I should tidy up this wiki page by deleting almost
> everything, writing a few new words and adding thick, big link to
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/help? Before I do that, I will write a
> pull request to the website to add the missing information at osm.org/help:
> - link to bugtrackers (I will write it like "to report software bugs of
> the website and other software)
> - notes (to name a method to inform us about map errors)
> - changeset discussion (to discuss a single map change somebody did)
> Best regards
> Michael
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