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Edwin Smith e.smith64 at ymail.com
Sun Dec 18 21:40:24 UTC 2016

Hi all,There is a disagreement that could use a few more eyes.  Destination has the explicit purpose of telling anavigation program the wording of a sign.  It is typically used as a tag of a Motorway Link.  It is not visiblein the Mapnik in any way.

One side of the disagreement argues that if an abbreviation appears on the sign (Ave for instance)it should be expanded to Avenue in the Destination Tag.  The arguments are:1) OpenStreetMap discourages abbreviations2) If you search through Destinations every time Avenue appears it is a mapper vote for expanding Ave toAvenue.
The other side of the disagreement (which I support) argues to present the sign to the navigation programexactly as it appears, neither abbreviating or expanding abbreviations.  The arguments are:1) Destination is for the use of the navigation program.  If abbreviations are changed it has no way toknow if the sign says Ave or Avenue.  If they are unchanged it can make its own decision as to what use
of abbreviations is best for its users.2) It is just wrong to count every Avenue as a mapper vote for expanding Ave because it very often isjust the mapper's correct reporting that the sign has Avenue spelled out.
Check it out in the Key:destination Discussion.  As you will guess, the EDSS comments are mine.
Cheers,Edwin Smith
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