[OSM-talk] Beware Pokemon users

David Kewley david.t.kewley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 08:13:51 UTC 2016

Yes, true. And wouldn't it be cool if there were workable ways to turn
accurate mapping into a compelling game? :) I know this is not a new idea,
but PoGo certainly has gotten my interest, since it's been so motivating
for folks to add to OSM.

I'd say that between PoGo motivating folks to add to OSM, and us doing the
hard work of doing QA, welcoming, correcting, etc., we are together turning
this into an effective if not yet scalable game. Now to find a way to scale
both the mapping and the QA etc.


On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 9:47 PM, Nicol√°s Alvarez <nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com>

> > El 28 dic 2016, a las 02:34, Nick Hocking <nick.hocking at gmail.com>
> escribió:
> >
> > How about we ask the game maker to code in (and let slip in social
> media) that lots of new pokemon stuff may appear on every OSM residential
> road, outside a residence that has a street number (in OSM) equal to todays
> day number (e.g 28 - for today). Of course all the other OSM address tags
> must also be correct for this stuff to appear.
> >
> How could the game possibly know if newly-added tags are correct?
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