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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 23:30:06 UTC 2016

There has been some recent traffic about new users and the occasional
problems they cause.  The recent traffic was about Pokemon.  In HOT in
theory new users work is validated.  In practise its only when a tile is
completed and even then most tiles aren't checked.

Somewhere the number of edits and how long a mapper has been mapping are
stored.  If we define inexperienced mappers as those who have made less
than 20 changesets and been registered for less than a month, the exact
figures optimum numbers need to be determined.

Than is there a method whereby I can say within this boundary show me any
edits made by "inexperienced" mappers?

It reduces the need to check every changeset for an area.  I assume that
most vandalisation is done by accounts that would be considered
inexperienced mappers and we could gently guide the others towards the map
features page etc.  If a mapper has a thousand changesets to their name and
been mapping more than three months I think we can assume their mapping
will contain fewer errors than an inexperienced mapper so there is less
need to double check them.

On the HOT side it would help catch those new mappers who don't mark a tile



Cheerio John
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