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I've got a really good idea about how to spend my next weekend, read more here <http://lucilla.calverttoysfortots.com/2c2d>

Hope this helps, OakHillParents

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So I had a slightly older model than this that got stolen like 10 years ago so take  what I  say with a grain of salt, but  I  was told at the  time that "pass keys" were  fairly easy  to get  for Subarus where one key works for all  cars. My neighbor across the street had his Subaru  stolen  without any  sign  of break in or damage to  the car like a year ago. Mine wasn't broken into or damaged either, I got  it back in like a month. Now  I have  a club in  my car  because even  though  there  are certainly ways to get  around  it, it  seems  to me that most car thieves will just move onto easier  targets.

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