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Éric Gillet gill3t.3ric+osm at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 12:01:19 UTC 2016

2016-07-11 11:28 GMT+02:00 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

> 2016-07-11 2:02 GMT+02:00 Éric Gillet <gill3t.3ric+osm at gmail.com>:
>> If you do a search-and-replace on 20 elements and review manually the
>> change, it is covered under the AE CoC. I don't think of that as an
>> advanced or uncommon task.
> when you do any "search and replace" based edits I believe these are
> correctly considered automated edits, because you can only in rare
> occassions do a real "manual review": you would have to visit (or at least
> have visited) all those places and see what is there on the ground,
> otherwise you can't be sure what the tags are applied to, and if a change
> makes sense.

I agree that survey are that on-premise survey is the best review method.
But then you are adressing armchair mapping as a whole and not specifically
search-and-replace edits.

There are instances where a survey is not necessary, and the information
needed to perform the modification is available on imagery, website or open
data, so the need to be on the premises is limited. But again this does
apply to all armchair mapping.
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