[OSM-talk] Lot's of locality names in an otherwise empty area

Christian Rogel christian.rogel at club-internet.fr
Mon Nov 21 11:42:11 UTC 2016

> Le 2016 Du 21 à 11:30, Sebastian Arcus <s.arcus at open-t.co.uk> a écrit :
> On 21/11/16 09:51, Andrew Errington wrote:
>> It could be tagging for the renderer.  A 'locality' tag causes a label
>> to appear on the map.
> That has crossed my mind. Actually, that is how the issue came to my attention - on my GPS navigation software, which uses OSM maps, it appears as if the area is riddled with lots and lots of villages or something, on every field. Maybe I should contact the Navit developers and suggest that "locality" tag is not rendered any more in Navit.

All that this kind of names are appearing in the french land registry (cadastre) too.
There are not all appellations in use among the majority of the inhabitants, but the farmers do.
A lot of them are a parcel name meaning to name a bunch of a group of parcels, but a few among them are real place names.
I enjoy putting them and select those that seem to be a identified large place, differing of a description of the form of the parcels (« Devant le Moulin » (Afore the Mill ) versus « Les Bandes noires » (The Blacks Strips).

I cannot see these place names as really old as it is impossible to have a sense of their use without being a permanent rural inhabitant.

For those whose who prefer a route planner not displaying too many names, it could be up to the publishers letting the user deactivate the locality places (choice would be better).

OpenStreetMap Franc displays a mashup mixing OSM data and the cadastre (place names and addresses) : http://tile.openstreetmap.fr/~cquest/leaflet/bano.html#15/47.9757/-2.5714 <http://tile.openstreetmap.fr/~cquest/leaflet/bano.html#15/47.9757/-2.5714>. Let zoom in, please.

Christian Rogel
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