[OSM-talk] Draft Trademark Policy

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Fri Aug 4 10:29:36 UTC 2017

On Friday 04 August 2017, Simon Poole wrote:
> I don't quite see why you believe there is a conflict, nominative
> use, for example in the description of a product or service, is a
> completely different kettle of fish than use in a product/service
> name or on or as part of a product.
> Example the difference between saying "XY utilizes OpenStreetMap(TM)
> data to do Z" and naming a product "OpenStreetMap XY".

Nominative/referential use and including 'OpenStreetMap' in the name of 
a product are not mutually exclusive.

Geofabrik for example offers a product called "OpenStreetMap Data in 
Layered GIS Format" [1] - that is certainly a nominative use but at the 
same time also "sell(ing) stuff with OSM’s brand on it" as per section 

[1] http://www.geofabrik.de/data/geofabrik-osm-gis-standard-0.7.pdf

Christoph Hormann

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