[OSM-talk] Highway=trunk : harmonization between countries ?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Aug 23 00:09:25 UTC 2017

john whelan <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com> writes:

>>A typical city road posted 30 mph might move at 35 mph,

I probably should not have said city, but maybe town.  Around me, things
are less crowded and the speeds I referenced are not irresponsible.

> As someone who lives in a city street with one school in the middle and one
> at either end posted at 40 km/h with an average traffic speed of 60 km/h
> and over 100 km/h from some high school kids driving to and from school I
> would prefer it if traffic stuck to the posted speed limits.  Cars running
> across front lawns to avoid collisions are not unknown.

That sounds crazy, but I would guess that it isn't the people actually
paying attention going 48 that are the real issue!  But in all
seriousness, that sounds like an actual problem, not an OSM
representation problem.

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