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Thu Aug 24 16:54:05 UTC 2017


OpenStreetMap is a hot topic to some research communities, and research
results can be hot topics within the OSM community - or sometimes they get
overlooked completely.

Peter Mooney, Frank Osterman and myself think there are benefits to
improved relations. The quite critical OSM community could for example be
more involved in creating research questions or suggesting methodologies,
which could lead to results that are more useful.

Together, we outlined some very basic ideas about what we think we could do
to help foster closer relations, and published them on my OSM diary:


We're looking forward to your ideas, both when it comes to methods for
improvement, as well as for  specific research ideas.

We don't mean to say anyone is doing a bad job. We just think that with
your help we might be able to make life just that little bit easier for
both the OSM and the research community.

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