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Reverts should be held to the same standard as imports (outside of obviously urgent problems). That means a well documented and visible plan, community discussion. Rob's comment shows that it is not possible for someone eyeing a revert to judge this from a quick look at the data or discussion on talk at . Right or wrong, the communication I've seen from community members making reverts has left a lot of rough feelings. I don't believe that this thread meets a community friendly threshold for reverts.
Can we hold off on the current revert regime across the board until we have as good guidance and practice in place as we have for Imports? * Mikel Maron * +14152835207 @mikel s:mikelmaron 

    On Wednesday, January 4, 2017 2:50 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:


On 01/04/2017 07:25 PM, nebulon42 wrote:
> I would revert it then.
> Violations of the automated edits policy should not be tolerated.

Some automated Wikidata additions have been reverted by me in the past,
mainly where they came from an algorithm that used proximity (and not
existing wikipedia tags) to match OSM to Wikipedia.

As for Yuri's edits which are based on matching Wikipedia tags, I asked
him on 18 November to stop making un-discussed automated edits:


to which Yuri replied (last comment in the list)

"Woodpeck, I have already stopped changing any objects except the admin
levels regions 1-6, and even those I have greatly slowed down, and began
reviewing most of the auto-resolved wikidata IDs. I will cease further
automodifications, and instead concentrate on getting wikidata tags
quality review for the admin levels."

Contrary to what he wrote there, he's modified more than one hundred
thousand objects *after* that exchange - newly adding, instead of just
quality reviewing, Wikidata tags.

I think that at in a first step, those wikidata tags added by Yuri after
18 November need to be removed. It is rather brazen to ignore our
existing rules outright, especially after I had made it very clear to
Yuri that his edits *are* automated edits according to our rules. I was
a bit hesitant because there's quite a few people in OSM who think that
low-quality Wikidata tags are better than no Wikidata tags at all, but
hearing here that the express desire of other community members has been
blatantly ignored just like our automated edit rules have, I'm leaning
towards reverting the lot and making a clean new start.

We're not in a rush here - we can afford to wait until someone who
actually knows the area they are working in has the time to add Wikidata
tags. That will yield much higher quality data than some automated matching.


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