[OSM-talk] The real face of MAPS.ME edits and notes - a short analysis

Michał Brzozowski www.haxor at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 03:29:40 UTC 2017

Much has been said about MAPS.ME note and edit functionality on this
list and elsewhere. I tried to get a real picture of how good/bad they
are. I went to mmwatch.osmz.ru and assessed 73 edits/notes made
between June 6th and 10th in Poland. Then I made a spreadsheet
(percentages at the bottom):


Redundant name:xx: 18%
Address problem: 10%
Mistagging / name problem: 22%
Duplicate: 22%
Garbage: 8%
Personal bookmarks / data disclosure: 8%

No issues: 26% (only!)

It should be noted that many of these issues (at least the first two)
could be easily prevented in software. It's high time they get fixed.

I have a feeling that the only force preventing a catastrophe are
power users monitoring edits. Many address problems were fixed by
Zbigniew_Czernik ("daily address fixes after newbies"). He is a
prolific mapper since 2009. He recently told me that he's not keen on
devoting even more time to OSM, specifically because of noobs breaking
data (including addresses).

Given this, I'm actually interested in how things look in places
without any established local community. After all, MAPS.ME is popular
all around the world.


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