[OSM-talk] "NRCS basic OSM training" - low quality changesets in Nepal

Michał Brzozowski www.haxor at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 20:32:16 UTC 2017

There has been a number of users making very low quality edits
(lowercase names, wrong tags. geometry problems among others) in
Nepal. They all use this mysterious changeset description: "NRCS basic
OSM training"
If this is training, then the instructor clearly has no OSM expertise required.
The mappers seem to make similar errors: misusing tags in addr:*
namespace, making up amenity=* tags, starting names from lower case.

Example changesets:

You can see all of them around Nepal in WHODIDIT, I discovered half a
dozen of users, there may be more. They have quite high edit volume
and most of their edits need attention.


Can we pin down who trains these mappers and demand them to stop and
take corrective action?


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