[OSM-talk] Changing Bing to bing

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 16:41:01 UTC 2017

On 06/03/2017 07:32, Werner Poppele wrote:
> before uploading data to OSM, JOSM showed an error / warning message 
> about the "suspect" writing of "Bing". That was the reason for 
> changing "Bing" to "bing". 

Hi Werner,

I'm guessing that the context of this message is changeset discussion 
comments such as on here:


I think its worth making a couple of points:

1) If JOSM is really recommending that you change "source=Bing" to 
"source=bing" or vice versa then I'd suggest that you ignore it. With 
both "Bing" and "bing" it's pretty obvious what the source is and not 
worth "editing" lots of objects to change it.  I'd also suggest that 
whatever it is in JOSM that's recommending this be changed so as not 
to.  A couple of times in the past I've suggested that JOSM's rules be 
relaxed in this way and I've always found the JOSM developers to be 
extremely helpful with this sort of issue.

2) The fact that you're replying here suggests that you might be trying 
to reply to a changeset discussion; so it's perhaps worth explaining 
what's happening how those work.

When someone adds a comment to the discussion on a changeset, you'll get 
an email about it.  Unlike with OSM mapper-to-mapper messages, you can't 
just reply and have that reply go back to the person who sent it.  You 
need to click on the link in the message that takes you to the changeset 
and login to OSM (if you're not already).  Then you can type your 
comments in the text box and click "comment" which will add your comment 
to the discussion.

You can use one of Pascal Neis' tools to see who's commented on your 
changesets if you know your userid; the example for mine would be 
http://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-discussion-comments?uid=61942 .

Best Regards,


PS: Obviously I'm assuming that you're the same Werner that made that 
"Bing" change in Ireland; my apologies if I'm getting confused by 
different people called Werner editing using the Bing imagery as a 

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